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5lbs IJS 100% Colombian Coffee Breakfast Blend Free Shipping


5lbs IJS 100% Colombian Breakfast Blend
Rated 91 out of 100 by
100% Arabica Coffee Beans
Double Roast Profile
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  • 5lbs IJS 100% Colombian Coffee Breakfast Blend
  • Rated 91 out of 100 by
  • 100% Arabica Coffee Beans
  • Double Roast Profile
  • Buy Whole Bean Colombian Coffee Breakfast Blend and Save
  • Free Shipping

Taking one of the most popular coffees in the world to a new level of enjoyment was our goal when we created this gourmet blend of 100% Colombian. First we like a medium roast on a fine Colombian Coffee for its brightness, then we like a French roast to bring out some depth and increase the range of flavor, plus the medium roast keeps this blend from becoming bitter, as some French roast will taste to burnt and have a bad after taste, but not this one. We promise We think we did it with our Colombian (aka – Island Joe’s ) Breakfast Blend, as you will enjoy the noted aroma of a fine Colombian coffee, but with more range and depth, because of the way we have optimized this roast profile Please read our coffee review below. Note , this blend shows up under both Full and Medium body on our site, because everyone has different taste buds, noting we call this blend a heavy medium body, but have customers who taste a full body. Not trying to be confusing here, but the silky taste of this coffee blend is so smooth, it feels like a medium body, but the richness brings a full body to most. Quote from about Island Joes Breakfast Blend Classic Roast Styles In general, these coffees were brought to a light-medium to medium roast to best display their tartly sweet structure and complex aromatics. At darker roast levels most of their subtle differences probably would go up the roaster chimney. They still would impress as lovely, balanced coffees, but I doubt whether I would be able to register the distinctions among them that I did for this month’s cupping. And one of the main reasons for bringing coffees to a moderately dark roast, which is muting acidity, rounding body and softening fruit toward chocolate, is largely unnecessary here, given the natural sweetness, fruit-softened acidity, and inherent cocoa or baker’s chocolate lean of the fruit in the majority of these coffees. The only exception to the medium-roast style among the coffees reviewed this month is the Island Joe’s Breakfast Blend, which scatters a modest percentage of darker roasted beans among medium-roasted beans of the same excellent Colombia. Usually I don’t find the mixing of dramatically darker roasted with medium-roasted beans of the same coffee an effective strategy, as it often results in a blurring of the character of the original coffee. Island Joe appears to have pulled this trick off, however, with the darker roasted beans deepening without dampening the impression of the cocoa and fruit.

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