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5lbs Villa Italian Espresso – Dark Roast – Free Shipping


5lbs IJS Villa Italian Espresso
Italian Espresso Beans
100% Arabica Coffee Beans
Dark Roast Italian Espresso Beans
Save Buying Whole Bean
Free Shipping



  • 5lbs Villa Italian Espresso – Dark Roast
  • 100% Arabica Coffee Beans
  • Italian Espresso Beans
  • Northern Italy Espresso
  • Save Buying Whole Bean
  • Free Shipping

A Taste of Northern Italy with Island Joes Villa Italian Espresso

If you have ever visited the coffee shops in Northern Italy then more than likely have tasted this blend, which is clean, a little sweet and finishing smoothly every time.

In Northern Italy coffee beans roasted for espresso are not burnt traditionally, so this is a dark but not French Roasted blended with a wonderful crema and great aroma

This is not an easy espresso blend to roast, as you must monitor this roast through out, because taking this masterfully roasted espresso blend to deep into the roast will create burnt undertones, which would not work with the special beans we use in this roast profile. Again, your beans will have a medium to dark roast color, as is the tradition in Northern Italy and unlike in southern parts of Italy where they will roast to a French roast profile. Hence you will get a very clean tasting espresso with a beautiful crema and sweet taste.


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Weight.1 lbs
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